What sets you and your team apart is your concern for the best interests of your clients.

Jamie, I thought that I would let you know how much I think of your team and how proud you should be and probably are in terms of the way they work and the production and success they have achieved.

As you know, between the two properties your team represented for Linda and me and the two properties they represented for Linda’s mom, they have bought and sold 4 different properties. They represent almost $850,000 in sales.

They do thorough research. They price the properties objectively, and they help their clients get their homes ready to sell, including providing some of the prettiest pictures I seen. The social media is well worked, because of that, the properties get a lot of interest.

So what does that mean in terms of production? Both of houses that were sold were sold within a week of putting it on the market. For the ones we bought, the properties were selected so well that we only spent about two weeks to select a property we wanted to buy. My mother-in-law had been with another agent, and only had the house shown twice in over six months. Her house was sold in less than a week on the market with the Mixon team.

But what sets you and your team apart is your concern for the best interests of your clients. Your team helped me move and rebuild a fence, helped us landscape our house, and helped us find people who could help us when they couldn’t do it themselves. But it is the way you all connect with your clients and what your clients need. In my case, what we accomplished enabled me to retire. That went way above what a typical real estate agent would do.

All of this starts with the leader, and flows through the whole team. Thank you so much for what team Mixon has done for us. -Bill“

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