One of the most exciting things about buying a house is day dreaming about the features. It’s easy to sit for hours and contemplate floor plans, entertaining areas, and gourmet kitchens. There’s more to buying a house than just the home itself; you should take some time to consider the neighborhood. You don’t want to pick the perfect house and find out later that it’s a horrible fit when it comes to the local community.

looking at housesSchools in the area add to the value of your home.

If you have students in your household, you’ll want to take a look at the school districts in the area. High scoring schools provide an element of stability to the community, excellent educational opportunities, and add to your property when it comes to resale value. Your real estate agent can provide valuable information. Talk to others in the community, and do your own research on schools within the community.

Would you rather use a private school? If so, you’ll want to check the community for available private schools that meet your needs. Remember that there will be added fees associated with students attending a private school, so you’ll want to factor these into your budget when looking a home buying costs.

How far do you want to drive each day?

This is where some compromise may come into play. Are you willing to sacrifice time in order to have the home of your dreams, or would you rather give up some of your wish list to be closer to your job? Your commute is an important consideration because of the time factor, but it’s also has an impact on your expenses. A longer commute time means more money spent for fuel. If there are tolls and parking fees, you’ll want to take those into account.

If you would rather use public transportation to get around, you’ll want to choose a neighborhood with adequate access to the method of public transportation you prefer to use each day. If walking or biking to work is a high priority, you’ll want to choose a neighborhood that is extremely close to your job. This could have an impact on the surroundings and place you in a more urban setting.

Speaking of biking and walking, what about shopping?

How close do you want to be to the action? If being close to shopping, dining, and entertainment, you’ll want to choose a community that is within close proximity to the heart of things. If you prefer open spaces with room to plant a garden, you’ll want to consider a home in a less crowded area of the community.

If your idea of the perfect Saturday morning includes a morning walk to the local coffee shop and a bit of shopping, being close enough to these types of businesses will be an amenity to you. This may mean choosing a condominium or home with a smaller property. Know what you are willing to compromise to stay in the right neighborhood.

What about Homeowners’ Associations?

Remember that some neighborhoods have homeowners’ associations with specific bylaws and expectations when it comes to homes with that area. If you’re looking at a house that is attached to one of these associations, make sure that you understand the fees and what is required on your part. Doing a bit of research ahead of time can save you frustration in the long run.

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